Placer Nature Center:
Connecting People and Nature

Located in Auburn, CA - Placer Nature Center offers activities and classes in wildlife, astronomy, reptiles, gardening, art, insects, ecology, watershed, natural & cultural history and much more for people of all ages! Programs are offered at the nature center and throughout Placer County!
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By giving children, of all ages, the opportunity to experience nature first hand, they learn about ecology, conservation and sustainable living while developing a sense of wonder, a growing imagination, problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities. Placer Nature Center also offers a series of lectures for adults and families on a variety of fascinating subjects that effect our everyday lives and our environment. Read more about the benefits of nature experiences here.

The following links represent some popular information on the nature center's website; also read about how to support the nature center and more fun stuff at the bottom of this page!Children learn communication skills and team work at Placer Nature Center

Easy ways to Support Us!

What's happening at Placer Nature center!

- Teachers, we have lots of new information on grants, educational and professional opportunities on our Teachers Page...and don't forget to look at the Teachers' Resources page.

- Do you like children? Are you retired, a giving stay-at-home Mom or Dad have some free time, and looking for something to do? We are looking for 10 to 20 Docents to instruct and work with our growing number children students. If you can’t do weekdays – we also have weekend opportunities. Check it out.

- Teens, are you looking for ways to connect with other teens across the country and around the world who are making a difference to the environment and the lives of other people? Our Teen Page lets you get social and provides you with the list of grants you can apply for.

- Looking for a Volunteer opportunity? We have lots of projects that need to be done as upkeep of the Nature Center is an on-going challenge.Here are some of our Volunteer opportunities...or become a Docent!

- Have some extra office supplies laying around and don't know what to do with them? The Nature Center is looking for supplies. Here's our Wish List.

- Do you have any ideas for classes or do you have any special skills - music, art, photography, math & science - that would benefit our children? Send them to us at

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