The Dirt on Soil - First Friday Lecture
Toby O'Geen
March 2, 2012

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State Theater
985 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603

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Dirt or soil is very complex, consisting of multiple layers and a variety of living and nonliving oranic material.Kicked around, overlooked, dirt has been given a bad name. However, dirt is just as important to our lives as air, water and sunshine.

We use it to grow our food, shelter us, it acts as a filter to all the toxins we use, it even helps regulate the climate.

Soil is the other "black gold." It takes tens of thousands of years to make about 6 inches of top soil.

So what do you know about dirt?

Toby O'Geen in the Mojave DesertDr. Toby O'Geen, Soil Resource Specialist from UC Davis will introduce you to our soil underfoot. He'll discuss the factors that form soils and all the varied services soils provide.

Toby will also give you some tools to get to know your soils and with a little investigation, how you can interpret what is going on beneath your feet.

Come learn how to get "dirt rich!"

Doors open at 7pm, presentation starts at 7:30pm. 

About Toby O'Geen

Toby O'Geen
Toby O'Geen

Toby O'Geen, Ph.D. is a Soil Resource Specialist in Cooperative Extension. He is also the Chair of Soil and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group and Vice Chair of Dept. of Land, Air and Water Resources Dept. of Land, Air and Water Resources for the University of California, Davis.

His special areas of study include soil-landscape relationships, hydropedology, application of digital soil databases, soil survey; pedologic and hydrologic characterization of deep regolith; management of soil physical properties; and macro- and mesofauna in soil.

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